What makes us Teens Highly Susceptible to Herpes

Herpes infections are caused by two types of viruses called Herpes Simplex Virus. Types one is called the Hsv-1 which was earlier believed to be infected body parts from the waist upward. It’s however seen to be infecting body parts from waist downwards. The type two is Hsv-1 which used to affect the body parts from the waist down. These viruses cause cold sores and genital herpes, which are lifetime situations since there’s no known cure.

New studies show an increase in herpes infections among the teens aged 14 to 19 age bracket. These increases have been attributed to some factors.

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Lack of Hsv-1 antibodies

Studies have revealed that most of babies that are born today are not exposed to the Hsv-1 virus. This causes them not to develop the needed anti-bodies required to protect them from the virus as they grow up. This leaves the more prone to the risk of contracting the virus as they grow up and as they become more sexually active.

Changes in sexual behavior

A lot of people have fallen to the notion that oral sex is safer. This can be attributed to the lack of enough awareness to educate people about different methods in which these viruses spread. However, this is not the case since when one engages in oral sex with an infected person, the virus is spread through the mouth-genital method. This has led to more teens contracting the virus more than the older people.

Mother to child

There is a higher risk of a child contracting the virus during delivery. This is normally because the baby’s immune system is not fully developed. This can lead to a child early death or one developing complications later in the life. Skin-to-skin infections are higher among children if their parents are infected.

The virus is also spread through sharing of things such as cosmetics which is higher among the teens.

It is very hard for people infected with genital herpes to have intimate relationships. This usually causes teens to start searching for partners over the internet in sites such as, dating sites, herpes dating sites, Hsv singles, STD dating sites and many others. Often, here one feels okay to talk openly about their situations without worrying much about it since they are talking to other infected people as compared to talking it out with non-infected persons.

Finally through these sites one can get a partner for a long term intimate relationship

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