Are you Embarrassed by your Genital Warts here is what you need to do

Genital warts are growths appearing on the genital areas both internally and externally. External genital areas that warts grow are the vulva, penis and the anus, whereas the internal areas include the cervix and inside the vagina. The growths are usually soft, flesh colored and moist, might appear alone or as a cluster, which resembles the cauliflower. Moreover, thy might be somewhat raised, flat, small or large. In some few cases, the genital wart growths might present in a reddish or brown color.
What causes genital warts?
The HPV (human papillomavirus), is what caused genital warts. One gets this virus after sexual relations with an already infected person. In general, genital warts are very common, many people have them, they are not dangerous, and there are also several effective ways to help manage and treat them.
Who can get this disease?
Evidence-based research has confirmed that genital warts are spread via direct, skin to skin contact during sex. It can be both vaginal and anal sex and sometimes in a few selected cases, mouth or oral sex can also be a source of spreading the HPV. Any individual that has ever been sexually active could have experienced at some point in time one or more genital human papillomavirus infection in their lifetime. Most of these infections will clear spontaneously by themselves.
Available treatment options for genital warts
Again, therapy is pretty optional as most of the infections will just clear up by themselves without any serious interventions. Nevertheless, a lot of people want to get rid of them because they can be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Below are some of the recommended ways to help get rid of genital warts:
1)  Podophyllotoxin (Condyline) solution is a treatment solution in which the patient, in this case only men, applies it on the visible external warts. It is not recommended for women as it is almost impossible for them to apply by themselves.
2)  Imiquimod (Aldara) cream is also used externally in the perianal and the genital areas.

3) Cryotherapy is a treatment method that involves the freezing off of warts using liquid nitrogen.

4) Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) a chemical applied to the surface of genital warts by a physician.

5)  Laser therapy is another option, a procedure that uses intense light to kill or destroy the growths.

6) Surgery is also an option whereby the warts are carefully cut off

All these methods except Podophyllotoxin and Imiquimod are safe for use during pregnancy.

Natural ways that can get rid of the embarrassing genital warts

Not everyone can afford the treatment methods mentioned above, and so with an available alternative, everyone can get busy.

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Here are some of the proven methods that one can employ at home:
Look for those products containing salicylic acid; it is by far one of the safe ways, even though it might take time for one to appreciate the results. Such products include compound W, Occlusal and the traditional salicylic acid creams.

1) Castor oil

2) Tea tree oil

3)  Apple cedar vinegar

4) Garlic and vitamin E oil

5)  Taking and oatmeal bath

6) Witch Hazel remedy

7)  Aloe Vera u Grapefruit seed extract
In general, oils can be super beneficial in a far as treating genital warts is concerned, others already mentioned above, but others include fish oil, lemon oil, sandalwood oil, cashew nut oil, wormwood oil, and oregano
Is there hope for the HPV infected patients?
Yes, there is, the most important this is that you do not panic and begin blaming yourself or whoever you think is responsible. Most times, the person that gave you the warts isn’t even aware that they have the disease. They could have been carriers of the disease, so the focus has to change from the blame game arena to what one can do to get rid of the embarrassing growths. There are some dating sites available today for those with sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, HPV, etc. There are herpes dating sites for HSV singles wanting to live a healthy life. Herpes dating is an option for them to meet new persons with similar experience, make friends and perhaps find their true love from there. The same way, there are HPV dating sites specifically for people with genital warts. Here, one can connect and mingle with other HPV singles. HPV dating provides an excellent forum where all those suffering from genital warts can come together, share ideas, meet new people, find mates and even get the much need support.
The aim of the genital warts treatment is to eliminate, visible warts as well as relieving annoying symptoms. It restores and brings back the individuals confidence eroded by the HPV. The kind of treatment you choose will depend on a number of factors such as; personal preference, the cost of the treatment, adverse effects, convenience, location & size of warts, and the health care professional’s expertise.


Symptoms And Treatments For Genital Herpe

The parties are prone to contacting genital herpes HIV and AIDS, hsv-2 and other sexually transmitted diseases. hsv singles however still hold a chance to enjoy a healthy and happy relationship while at the same time taking care of their condition. Herpes prevention gel have confirmed earlier Herpes Research and have demonstrated that regular use of the tenofovir- based product can reduce the chances of women contacting the disease actually by a rate of fifty percent as compared to the way the disease used to spread there before.

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Tenofovir is the active ingredient in the gel. The gel was initially meant to curb the spread of HIV. The gel was however unsuccessful in preventing the spread of HIV but researchers noted that it had a side effect of preventing the spread of genital herpes. Genital herpes is the most common sexually transmitted disease that t every sexually active person is prone to contacting. Working on the idea that the gel prevented the spread of Herpes, the researchers increased the dosage of tenofovir in the gel and began to test its use in HSV-2 herpes prevention. After trials on women who were already enrolled in the AIDS program in South Africa, the results showed that the cases of HSV-2 was higher on those women who did not use tenofovir than those who used the gel.

Available preventive measures like the use of condoms are only slightly effective in preventing the virus transmission. There are treatments available for those who have the disease but there is no cure or vaccine to the virus. According to doctor Connie Celum, a Professor at Washington University who did a study on the tenofovir gel, tenofovir gel is the best when it comes to reducing the acquisition of genital herpes. The gel’s effectiveness however is based on the way it is used. Women must use the gel before and after intercourse to get the highest level of protection against HSV-2. Dating positive singles with HSV-2 should not act as a barrier to enjoying sexual satisfaction or having the fear of contacting genital herpes. The parties stand a chance of expressing their sexual desires to each other.

Cougars are actually good because they already know what they want in a relationship without the pressure of expecting a man to be responsible to cater for financial responsibilities. The dating should be done in a responsible manner from both parties and tenofovor gel have proved to reduce the spread of genital herpes so it should always be used when engaging in sexual activities. Further studies should be conducted before the gel is available to the public.


Are You Embarrassed By Your Genital Warts? Here is What You Need to Do

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) come as a result of sexual contact between people of the same or different gender. I am just curious about the perception of people on STDs.  STDs are also called Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), meaning the two abbreviations, STDs and STIs, can be used interchangeably. ln this article latter shall be used to mean the same thing. Some may think that those with STDs are extremely immoral individuals but this might not be really the case. There is a ray of hope for those living with STDs in the current world as some platforms have been laid down to break the negative stigma.

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STDs have been on the rise in the recent years and statistics carried out by various organizations are just shocking. These STIs include genital herpes, genital warts, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea just to mention a few. lt is nice and important to understand that some of these diseases are curable while others are not. Curable diseases include Gonorrhea while the incurable diseases include Genital herpes. Some of these diseases are highly contagious like Genital warts which are caused by some types of human papillomavirus.

Those suffering from STIs should worry no more irrespective of the negative stigma in the society surrounding them. However, what is important first is to instill confidence within themselves. The story that I am about to give gives doubtful hope. If you are living with such a condition then you should know more about Herpes dating sites. Herpes dating sites have been common in most parts of the world but it is most common in England and the United States of America (U.SA). Knowing about these sites is not all. Of much importance is the best site that gives the best services that conveniently suits you. These sites have at an increasing rate which is parallel with the increasing rate of STI sin this platform then, one is able to get some online counselling and online dating with people living with similar conditions. lf you suffer from STIs by any chance then Herpes dating sites is your best place for you For hsv singles, they are not left out as some sites really care for them. These sites consider singles who want life-long partners.

Still alone l No this should not be the case. Just try hsv singles sites and I promise you must tell a different story after the experience. Remember you need to choose the best sites that fulfills the desires of the inner you. lt does not matter your age as a young man can date a woman who is averagely advanced in years and the same case applies to ladies. You should never forget that age is just a number and your taste finally dictates. What if someone is living with HIV/AIDS? Does it mean that he or she cannot get a partner? The definite answer is a big No! There exists what we call hiv dating sites. The latter cares for those who are HIV positive and want partners going through the same condition. HIV dating sites enable HIV positive people to engage with online counselors who advise them on dating


Top 5 myths about herpes | Herpes Dating

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about two thirds of the world’s population under the age of 50 has been infected by a form of Herpes. Despite this figure, it is still taboo to talk about the STD. Now, it’s time to set the record straight on one of the most common STDs. Here are the 5 common myths being spread about Herpes.


Myth#1: Only a certain group of people can get herpes

Well, don’t be deceived about that Anybody who has ever had sex is at risk of acquiring the std. It is not about being good or bad, clean or dirty – it is about being normal. Herpes is caused by two strains of a virus -the herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2). The first strain (HSV-1) affects 80% of the population and often manifests itself as ‘cold sores’ on the mouth. Most people with the virus do not show symptoms so it comes as no surprise that they are not aware of it

Myth#2: If you get intimate with someone infected, you get it too

There is a common school of thought that whenever you sleep with a partner who is infected then you too get herpes. This is not true. The infection can ONLY be passed on from one person to another when the infected person is having an ‘outbreak’ at the time of coitus. To avoid being infected, abstain as using a condom does not give you 100% protection.

Myth#3: Herpes ‘cold sores’ on the mouth aren’t the same as genital herpes

Well, that’s a big lie. As previously mentioned, cold sores that show on the mouth (face) are brought about by the HSV-1 virus. This strain can be transmitted to the genitalia through oral sex (could be cunnilingus or fellatio). In fact, 40 % of genital herpes cases are caused by the HSV-1 virus.

Myth#4: There is a cure for herpes

Unfortunately, there is no cure for a herpes infection. Once you get it, you have it for life. Note that there are anti-viral medications to help ease the symptoms of an infection (healing of sores) but that’s all People have been infected are advised to manage symptoms. If for instance, stress leads to an outbreak then learn to manage it

Myth#5: Herpes can be transmitted through blood

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are not present in blood. So, this statement is not true. A person infected with herpes can donate blood because the virus is only transmitted through skin-to-skin contact (orally and genitally).