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Dating is not as easy as it used to be back in the day. Today, people have very busy schedules which make it almost impossible to meet that special someone. It gets worse if you have herpes. This is because there is a lot of stigma that comes with herpes. Many people do not want to date people with herpes and it can make you feel like the dating scene is not for you anymore. With the help of herpes dating sites like www.hwerks.com you can date freely. This is an online dating site that gives you an environment where you have the chance to meet someone great despite you having herpes. It is a free space where you get to share your experience with people in the same situation and there is a great chance of you meeting someone who will appreciate you fully even if you have herpes.


www.hwerks.com is one of the few HSV dating sites that give you an opportunity to enjoy a no monthly fee, no yearly fee and no recurring fee website.


Herpes Dating

With this herpes dating site, you have a chance to meet and start dating people who are on the site with similar interests to yours. The people here understand your situation and they are not there to judge but to get to know you despite your condition. Many people have met their soul mates on this website. It is definitely a great place to meet someone special.

Herpes Support:

Getting herpes diagnosis is not easy for anyone. There are fears and many questions that run through a person’s mind once they get the diagnosis. This website provides you with an opportunity to ask every question you might have about herpes and any concerns or fears you might have There is a great support team that makes it possible for you to live comfortably with the condition.

Membership Only:

This website protects all users by making it a membership only site You are therefore assured that only people who are members will be allowed to see your profile. This prevents lurkers and outsiders from getting any of your information.

Active Forums:

This feature allows you to chat with a community of people informed about Herpes. They are able to give you the right answers to all your questions and you get to learn about what to expect and how to deal with different situations.

Personal Blogs:

Telling your story can be therapeutic and it can also go a long way in helping people going through the same thing. Thanks to www.hwerks.com you get to have a personal blog where you share and allow people to comment and give their opinion and experience as well

Chat Room:

Chat rooms are great for participating in discussions and also having your questions answered. Many participate and once a week you get to have a meet and great with the members.


There are several herpes dating sites today. However there is no website apart from www.hwerks.com that provides members with a real opportunity of finding that special someone, a safe environment to talk about their condition and an environment where they feel free to be themselves. Anyone suffering from herpes would really benefit from this website.

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