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Positive singles is one of the most popular dating sites for people living with STDS. The site is designed with the understanding that after one is diagnosed with an STD, it takes time and processing to attain full acceptance. Most people experience shock and denial after testing positive. This is usually accompanied by a lot of feelings of guilt; one can get into depression. For this reason, this site has features to help a person who has recently been diagnosed to understand that they are not alone. People have been diagnosed and lived a healthy happy and fulfilling life full of love. This feeling of reassurance and validation is the foundation of the siteFEATURES The site has blogs and chat rooms to help members to connect. The chat rooms are a great way to meet people who understand where you are and therefore there is no stress of having to disclose your status like you would if you meet a stranger in your local mall. This also serves to validate a person’s feelings when they find a platform where there is unconditional acceptance. There is also a feature on treatment stories where people tell their success stories. In my opinion, this is one of the best features this site offers.This is because, even before one is ready to open up their heart to love and accept love, they must, first of all, accept themselves and have hope that they can cope with their status and live happily with it and the challenges they come across. The platform offers this mentoring objective, restoring hope to other clients by disclosing how one when through particular challenges and overcame them. People love because they are hopeful about a tomorrow and this platform offers exactly that The STD Q&A live counselor feature provides expert answers to any questions a member might be having. This means that this is more than just a dating site, it is an empowerment site It empowers the members, raises their esteem so that they can be ready to love.MEMBERSHIP

The site has two types of membership plans: free membership and paid membership. Under free membership, one can have conversations with other members. However, you can only reply to messages you have been sent. For you to initiate a conversation by sending a message to a member you are interested in you, have to be a gold member. Also under gold membership, you can easily narrow your search for you to be able to access the members of your interest. Gold Membership • Monthly fee -$ 29.95 • 3 Months fee – $59.95 • 6 Months fee -$ 95.95


First of all the site does not conduct a background check on its members. Secondly, privacy and confidentiality on this site are paramount. One can choose not even to put up a profile picture; or set it up in such a way that particular individuals can only see it

Have you been diagnosed and you want to connect with people who will understand what you are going through can emphasize with you and can actually offer you real love, support, and care? Have you been living positive and you feel it’s time to have some intimate love in your life; this is the site for you

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