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We are very glad to welcome you to Top 10 Herpes dating sites.Here are some of the statement together with our terms of service we would like you to read carefully before you continue .With a lot of respect,we kindly honor your privacy and we are not going to share it with any other person a part from you alone.We really value the protection of your privacy as it is very important to us.The information you give us can never be shared or even rented by any one.Any user found abusing the site will be terminated immediately without notice.

How Do We Collect Information
Top 10 Herpes Dating Site do not collect any information for identification of users at any point but we give an option of voluntary provision of email addresses when visiting our services.Moreover,we do not collect informations which cannot be used to personally identify user to help us find statistics for the better of marketing .This is because it help us to give you a better and very effective services.

Other Websites Recommendation
To provide very effective information for HSV Dating ,HIV Dating and Herpes Dating Sites,as Top 10 Herpes Dating Site,we makes an effort to link our users with other website providing the same services.However,Top 10 Herpes Dating Site do not take the responsibility of the privacy policy of the other websites we link our users to.We are encouraging our users to keenly review the privacy policies of the other websites before they take any services from them or make any use of them.

Making Change of our Policy
We would like to inform our users that as they use this website,we may revisit our privacy policy document to make some changes.This is done to improve the efficiency of our services to the users and make it more suitable as you use it.ln case of making change to our privacy policy document,Top 10 Herpes Dating Sites notices all users before any change is made.We are therefore advising all users to be reviewing privacy policy document most of the time so that they be aware of any changes.

Using Cookies in our Website
With the inters of knowing your usage of this website,Top 10 Herpes Dating Site uses cookies for this purpose.We also use cookies together with tracking codes to see your purchases from the websites we link you to.ln addition to this,cookies also provide the keywords that brought you to this website.Please be assured that cookies is cannot harm your device because it is very safe.

Acceptance of Terms
We believe that you agree to the private policies given in this website by continuing to use it.ln case this policies do not suit you,we advise that you stop using this website.Otherwise feel free to contact us in case you need any information.