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To some, it comes as a rude shock. When you start feeling the burning sensation and it reflects that you had unprotected sex. To others, it is no surprise as they have sex with multiple partners. When you have sex in most cases you have to be ready for the consequences be it pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease/infection. Pregnancy can be a great challenge if not planned. Those who get pregnant while they are not ready to handle the pregnancy fear because it is considered as evidence of sex. Statistics indicates that teenagers prefer sexually transmitted diseases as they can be hidden as opposed to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.The most common STDs include HIV which is human immune deficiency virus, herpes, and gonorrhea. I will discuss two groups of people: There are those who lead careless lives without using protection who knowingly expose their partners to the virus. In most cases, they aim to transmit the infections to others who in most cases are oblivious of their states and at times too naive to request for a test. After all, those who are out to spread infections also own sweet tongues.They will use terms like. “Why to go for a test honey don’t you trust me?” However, I will be careful to mention that the next group of people is not aware that they have these infections hence they transmit the STIs unknowingly. Despite how you got infected you will still need to be loved and to love. For those with conscious minds, these are minds that tell you it is not right to infect others just because someone else infected you Having an STD doesn’t mean you stop having sexual desires. Being that you are human.The need not to transmit this deadly viruses or infection will lead to the search of a herpes dating site so as to look for people with similar conditions with the aim of getting moral support and to be able to share their experiences and challenges. This can be got in the herpes dating site or HIV dating site depending on what one needs. Most of these sites are free. You only need to search for the relevant site by describing what you want. From the herpes dating site, one will not experience the stigmatization that comes with the STD.It eases your dating life by not having to go through the most dreaded phase with the partners. Which is the point of the disclosure; after all, those in the herpes dating site know your status. You can also see the humor in your disease making it more bearable. Being that these herpes dating sites are free, they offer very vital services to people as they are given the opportunity to live and love again despite their gives a lease of life and creates a sense of belonging. It is one thing to handle the pain of infection and another thing to handle the pain of rejection due to an infection. Stigmatization and rejection can lead to depression which may cause death in the end. Don’t suffer alone if you fall a victim of herpes infection. You are the company that someone else needs so that they can live. Just log to HSV dating site Live and let live.